You know, for dorks.


Who: Rebecca Campbell

What: A blog, mostly

When: The first version of went up in 1999 with a flash intro and the title "Nerdy girls do it with Flash". Oh yeah!

Where: Portland, OR, usually

Why: There are lots of ways to interpret the question of "why", but I'll go with the literal answer, since that's easiest. Initally, this site was created because the .com boom was passing me by. I was working at an insurance company and all the web pages I'd created were on an intranet, and therefore not visible to anybody outside the company. Also, the jerks in IT would not upgrade to IE 5 (or was it 4?), and I was eager to get closer to the cutting edge. Heck, even the regular edge would have been fine.

So, since was taken, was born. It did help me land a new job, which lasted several months before the .com boom became the .com bust and everybody started buying doormats and coffee mugs that said "Easy .com, easy .go". It was during that job that I started blogging because there was no work for us to do and my friends and family kept asking when I was going to change something on my web site. This was before they had the YouTubes and the Facebooks to keep them busy. Through blogging, I found a new and interesting way to connect with people I liked, not to mention people I'd never met.

Predictably, as the apartment-living, single, junior programmer, mid-20's Rebecca turned into the older, stable-relationship-having, mortgage-having, middle-management Rebecca, the frequency of blog posts dried up. But I still enjoy the blog and think about it most days, and every once in a while, I get on a roll and put up, like, two posts in a week. Some day, I'll complete all the drafts I have, but I'm not holding myself to anything at present.

Anyhow, since you've bothered to read this, I hope you like what you see. And thanks for visiting—that's really what makes keeping this site going worthwhile.