Fresh Starts

Spiraea blooming

Welcome to the new!

Having spent several years silently admonishing myself for neglecting my little piece of the Internet, I have decided to make a fresh start. For those of you who have visited in the past, welcome back! If you’re new, I used to scribble down thoughts here a lot and I’d like to get back to that.

A lot has changed since I was a budding software engineer struggling with cross-browser compatibility issues or, later, a seasoned software engineer/leader diving into thornier topics. I will selectively import old content. I may or may not keep this up to date. What I am doing is setting myself up to share some thoughts because I’ve got a lot of them.

I’ve recently given notice at my job and am in the process of beginning new adventures (more on that later). With the decrease in work responsibilities, the little voice inside my head that tells me to get my thoughts into sentences and paragraphs has gotten louder. I missed that voice. She has steered me well in the past.

It’s good to be back.